The Baking Soda Project is dedicated to providing elegant, affordable and sustainable solutions to combat fires, burns and disease in underserved countries. Almost every day there are fatal burns caused by cooking fires in Haiti. It seems that no one is safe and no age is spared. This problem is unnecessary and out of control. It's time for a change. Please consider helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Haiti. 

In the News...

The Baking Soda Project was recently featured on the Georgetown University Medical Center homepage:

"Imagine the dangers of cooking inside your home on a charcoal stove while your young children play at your feet. That’s the deadly reality of many living in Haiti where kitchen fires quickly get out of hand leading devastating burns that leave many, especially children, maimed and in excruciating pain..."

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Burn Care at Hôpital Sacré Coeur

By Bernès Chalumeau, M.D.

"Caring for burned patients is a challenge, even in the most advanced burn centers around the world. Infection, wound healing, pain management, nutritional support and physical therapy are all essential components of the healing process requiring caregivers with experience and expertise. In Haiti, these challenges may seem insurmountable.

Burns in Haiti are often a result of common occurrences, such as cooking over open flames, using oil lamps for lighting or house fires from faulty, unreliable electricity..." Click here to continue reading on the CRUDEM website

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